I just came from a meeting where I was asked to give a presentation.  I was setting up my laptop prior to the meeting, when one of the attendees commented on my unique computer design.  I happen to have a laptop skin that is customized with the logo of my alma mater (who is also my employer).  As a die-hard Michigan State University fan, I was very happy to be able to display my Spartan pride on my machine.  In fact, I also have it displayed on my iPod, desk decor and other things as well.  It is very clear from looking at my belongings where my loyalties lie come rivalry week.

This brings me to my point.  You probably have some individuals in your organization who are fully supportive of your mission, vision, values, etc.  Make it easy for them to share their good feelings with external audiences!  This can be something such as custom laptop skins for members, to something as small as making logos available to put in email signature blocks.  Have decals made for all your organization- or business-owned technology tools.  On the market for a portable camera?  Look for video cameras that you can customize with your organization’s logo.  Not only do these help spread your brand and message, they are also good theft-prevention tools.  Other ideas?  Make logos available on your website for adding to social media and documents.  Provide templates for creating computer screen wallpaper or screen savers.  Have bumper stickers or vinyl clings made up for cars.  Add social media links to the back of business cards.  Order customized pens or pencils to leave at the counter of your office.  Even better, spread these writing tools through the community by leaving them when you sign a restaurant bill, at the counter in the bank, etc.  You can incorporate your social media by listing the web address (either the webpage where you aggregate links to your social media platforms or the platform itself) on the items.

Bottom line: any opportunity for the public to encounter an object imprinted with your website, message or logo is an opportunity for you to leave an imprint on the public.  Take advantage of the opportunity, and make it easy for your brand champions to do it too!