• Design collateral suite for Grandparents University summer camp event, hosted and organized by volunteers and the MSU Alumni Association.
  • Invitation: Design a piece that accommodates a lot of information and stands out in the mail, while remaining cost efficient.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Create a fun twist on the previously used plain paper scavenger hunts, in order to appeal to kids and hold the interest of grandparents who see it every year.
  • Program Guide: Convey a lot of information in a pocket-sized guide.


  • First-time grandparent attendees
  • Returning grandparents who have attended before but have have attended with different grandchildren in the past
  • First-time child attendees
  • Returning child attendees, who may have attended as many as four years of camp and want to see something new

My Role:

  • Gather information from various planning committees
  • Determine layout and design publications
  • Coordinate printing
  • Obtain GPS data from MSU’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities department, convert it to vector, and eliminate unnecessary features to create the campus map, before adding the bus route
  • Write scavenger hunt questions and answer key
  • Design scavenger hunt prize box and purchase prizes, keeping with the theme

Collateral Suite:


Grandparents University invitation, program guide and scavenger hunt brochures

Scavenger Hunt (interior spread, with “Pirate Treasure” prizes):


Scavenger hunt brochure with beaded necklace prizes

Program Book (interior spread with campus map and bus route):


Campus map and bus route

Survival Guide: