Project: Homecoming 2012 Video for the Honors College

One of the challenges that the Honors College at MSU faces is that all our alumni also belong to at least one other college. This can make a Homecoming gathering difficult because our target audience is getting messages and invitations from competing groups for the same time period.

This year the Honors College decided not to do a traditional Homecoming tent, and replaced it with a virtual Homecoming campaign. The video below was created using music provided by the Spartan Marching Band and the College of Music. The music is played over a slide show of photos of campus, shot in the epic-style of photography that MSU is known for, and showing iconic campus sights. The goal was to allow alumni and friends of the university to feel that they had experienced some of the sights and sounds of Homecoming without having to be on campus. The video was emailed to alumni with a message from the college dean, providing the personal touch of faculty/alumni interaction that would have been experienced in person in a tent.