Project: Mid-Michigan Spartans’ 2012 Tailgate Video

On September 28, 2012 the Mid-Michigan Spartans (MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan) hosted their annual tailgate party at the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe in East Lansing. The MSU Cheerleaders and the Spartan Marching Band joined us, as well as guest from the Ohio State University Alumni Club of West Michigan.

I created the video below for the group using photos and video taken at the event. The goal was to showcase the music of the band, which was unique to this club’s tailgate, while at the same time highlighting the¬†camaraderie¬†between the attendees. One of the advantages the Mid-Michigan Spartans have over other MSU alumni groups is their proximity to campus and the resulting ability to include cheerleaders and band members at club functions.

Creating a video of an event is a great way to spread its impact. We shared this video through an email blast to our full mailing list. The email encouraged people to subscribed to the club’s YouTube account, on which it was featured. The video was also shared on Twitter and on Facebook.